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Corporate Governance

JSC “NC “SEC “Taraz” sees corporate management as a means by which it can increase the work productivity of the company and enhance its reputation.  
Corporate management of JSC “NC “SEC “Taraz” is built on the principles of fairness, responsibility, transparency and competence. The effective structure of corporate management presumes respect for the rights and interests of persons interested in the company’s activity and contributes to the successful work of the company, rises its value and maintains the financial stability and profitability.  
In order to ensure the effective management model, JSC “NC “SEC “Taraz” is actively introducing modern standards of corporate management, which will enable the effectiveness and transparency of the company.  
Management Board is the body of executive power of JSC “NC “SEC “Taraz”.  It consists of the Chairman of the Board, the head of legal department and heads of three other departments. The Management Board of JSC “NC “SEC “Taraz” has weekly meetings and accepts decisions on day-to-day management of the company.  
Supervisory and controlling units, namely Supervisory Board and Inspection Commission, were applied in the management practice of the branch and related organizations of JSC “NC “SEC “Taraz”. This has resulted in:
· Performance monitoring of the body of executive board
· Promptness in managerial decision making process
· Improvement in control over carrying out decisions
· Increase in involvement in work of heads of organization departments

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