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Corporate Documents

Изменения и дополнения в Положение об оплате труда СПК

In PDF format(1.8 Mb)

In PDF format(214.3 kb)

In PDF format(223.8 kb)

In PDF format(221.8 kb)

In PDF format(105.7 kb)

In PDF format(1.1 Mb)

In PDF format(136.1 kb)

Changes in the Investment policy

In PDF format(940.3 kb)
Additional information to annual report in PDF format
(221.8 kb)

Regulations on disposal of assets

In PDF format(2 Mb)

Statutes concerning the Department of Financial Accounting and Reporting

In PDF format(541.9 kb)

Statute on remuneration of labour and material support

Statute on Investment Committee amended and restated

Statute on Investment Policy

Statute on Board of Directors amended and restated

Statute on Housing and Communal Services Department

In PDF format(210.3 kb)

Statute on Internal Audit Service Department

Statute on Department of Agro Industrial Complex

In PDF format(450.7 kb)

Statute on Department of Asset Management

In PDF format(251 kb)

Statute on administration amended and restated

Statute on Legal Department

In PDF format(503.9 kb)

Corporate Standard

In PDF format(383.8 kb)

Code on Corporate Governance

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