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Zhambyl region


Zhambyl Region

Zhambyl region (formerly called Dzhambul region) is located in the south of Kazakhstan. It was founded by the Decree of the Supreme Council of the USSR from a part of South Kazakhstan region. On May 4, 1993, by the Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Council of Kazakhstan, Dzhambul region was renamed into Zhambyl region in Russian language. The region is named in honor of Zhambyl Zhabayev (1846-1945) – Kazakh and soviet poet, laureate of the Stalin Prize of the second degree (1941).

Administrative center of the region is the city of Taraz (former Dzhambul). 

The territory of the region is 144.3 thousand sq km.

The population makes 1.042 thousand people.

The population density makes 7.2 people per 1 sq km.

The ethnic composition consist of 71.4% of the Kazakhs, 12.0% of the Russians, 2.4% of the Uzbeks, 1.0% of the Koreans, 13.2% of others.

Geography and economy

The territory of Zhambyl region is mostly plate.

The region has industrial-agrarian orientation. In the first half of 2010, the share of the industry in the GRP of the region made 19.2%, the share of agriculture – 6.2%, transport and communication – 11.7%, construction – 6.3%, trade – 9.3%, other industries – 47.3%. agriculture is prevalent in seven districts of the region, industry – in the rest three districts. Enterprises of the regional center Taraz make a great contribution to the industrial development.

Zhambyl region is rich in non-ferrous metals, barium sulphate, coal, construction materials.


The flora and fauna of the region are rich and diverse. The flora has more than 3 thousand species. The total area of the hunting lands makes 13.9 thousand ha. Over 40 types of animal live there.  

The fishery fund has the territory of 27.8 thousand ha and consists of 81 reservoirs. 59 of them are usable for fishing. Tasotkel and Ters-Ashibulak water reservoirs are the largest ones.

There are three natural reserves in the territory of the region:

State natural reserve “Urochishche “Berikkara” is a complex reserve. Its area is 17.5 thousand ha. Over 50 types of trees and shrubs and grasses included in to the Red Book can be found there. Such animals as wild sheep, Indian porcupines, paradise flycatchers also live there;

 State natural reserve “Urochishche “Karakunuz” has the area of 3.07 thousand ha. It is located in the western branch of Ziliyskiy Alatau. Plantations of apple, cherry, cherry-plum trees and grape give way to forests of maple, robinia, mulberry, walnut trees.  

Andasay state natural reserve – zoological reserve with the area of 1000 ha. It is located on the right bank of Shu River to the west from Moiynkum village. The plant cover mostly consists of mat-grass, sheep fescue, saxaul, rare ephemeral plants, shrubby willows. The fauna is represented by argali, kulans, Persian gazelles, roes, etc.


71.9% of the reserves of phosphate, 68% of fluorspar, 8.8% of gold, 3% of cupper, 0.7% of uranium of the country are concentrated in the territory of the region. The region is rich in nonferrous metals, barium sulphate, coal, etc.  

There are several natural gas fields in the Shu-Sarysu Depression.

The reserves of cattle and industrial salt make 10 mln tons.


The region has Kazakh and Russian drama theaters, philharmonic halls, five museum, 219 libraries, 143 clubs and Houses of Culture. Therearealso 10 hotelsintheregion.

The region has great opportunities for development of both domestic and international tourism. A part of the Great Silk Road: Sairam – Taraz – Aksholak – Akyr-tobe – Merke – Shu – Aspara – Kordai runs through the territory of the region.  

Monuments of ancient architecture including the Mausoleums of Aisha-Bibi and Babadjan-Hatun of the 10-11th centuries C.E., Karakhan and Dautbek of the 10-13th centuries C.E. are located in Taraz.    

Administrative subdivision:

  • The region has 10 districts:
  • Baisak district
  • Zhambyl district
  • Zhaulyn district
  • Kordai district
  • Merken district
  • Moiynkum district
  • Reskulov district
  • Sarysu district
  • Talass district
  • Shu district

The city of the regional importance is Taraz and three towns of regional subordination – Karatau, Zhanatas, Shu.

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