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Zhambyl region


Culture, Literature and Arts

The region has Kazakh and Russian drama theaters, philharmonic halls, five museum, 219 libraries, 143 clubs and Houses of Culture. Therearealso 10 hotelsintheregion.

The region has great opportunities for development of both domestic and international tourism. A part of the Great Silk Road: Sairam – Taraz – Aksholak – Akyr-tobe – Merke – Shu – Aspara – Kordai runs through the territory of the region.

Monuments of ancient architecture including the Mausoleums of Aisha-Bibi and Babadjan-Hatun of the 10-11th centuries C.E., Karakhan and Dautbek of the 10-13th centuries C.E. are located in Taraz.
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