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Zhambyl region


Economy of Zhambyl Region

Incomings and outgoings of Zhambyl regional budget (in millions tenge)  

An adjusted budget of Zhambyl region for 2012 made up 163.2 billion tenge of incomings and 164.4 billion tenge of outgoings. 
Incomings of Zhambyl region budget for 2012 made up 148.8 billion tenge, which was 31.6 billion tenge more than incomings for 2011(at 117.2 billion). Outgoings made up 149.5 billion tenge, which is also substantially higher than outgoings for 2011, by 31.2 billion.  

Incomings of Zhambyl regional budget was passed in the following volumes (in millions tenge):  

Tax revenues                     13 648,0   
Nontax revenues             805,5   
Inflow of funds through 
capital sales                     135,0   
Transfer revenues             134 180,3  

Transfer revenues comprise the largest proportion of revenues at 90.2%, both tax revenues and nontax revenues make up 9.2% each, and revenues from capital sales comprise 0.1% of the total incomings.   
The taxation revenues of Zhambyl Regional Budget in 2012 have been generated by an individual income tax in the amount of 6.9 billion tenge, which constituted 50.4%; a social tax in the amount of 5.4 billion tenge (39.4%) and a tax on use of natural resources, which made up 1.4 billion tenge (10.2%).  
Such kinds of taxes as a corporate income tax and a value added tax are included in the State Budget. A property tax, a land tax and taxes on vehicles are added to district budgets.  

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