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Zhambyl region



Annual Reports

Annual Report (2013)

In PDF format(3.9 Mb)

Report of Akim of Zhambyl region (2012)

In PDF format(230.5 kb)

Annual Report (2012)

In PDF format(7 Mb)
Additional information to annual report in PDF format(7 Mb)

Fiscal Accounting

Консолидированная финансовая отчетность за 2015 год

In PDF format(6 Mb)

In PDF format(4.8 Mb)

In PDF format(5.4 Mb)

In PDF format(5.9 Mb)

Other Reports

Оценка реализации плана развития АО «НК «СПК «Тараз» за 2015 год

In PDF format(392.8 kb)

List of Affiliated Persons

Affiliated Persons

Information about Major Deals

Information about major transactions in 2012

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